Happy Birthday Che Det

First and foremost happy 80-ish birthday to my one and only Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Although he may not step his mouse pointer into my blog but Tun, I will always respect you and may God bless your family and you :) This guy always speaks his mind out and never afraid of what he blurted out. Some politicians considered him senile but for me Tun never let his words come by emotion. This brings to the play list that I just added into my blog. The song could be find in Jay Z album The Blueprint, the title is renegade and it featured Eminem. What's interesting is when Eminem rap on the verse

"Coz Im a renegade
never been afraid to say what's on my mind
at any given time or day
Coz Im a renegade
never been afraid to talk about anything

It may look easy to blurt out what you have in mind without considering what others may feel. Besides it would be more easier if we don't have to pay for the repercussion of what we had spoken. When I was in high school, I admit that I dont have a filter system. I just spill the beans. That moment I believed I was right and it is up to the person to take it or dump it .However there are times that I really hurt my classmate feelings sebab keceluparan and until now she never spoken to me. Terasa gak and I learnt my lesson. Hence no matter how right I may think not all will take my words into action. Ada yg kebal hatinya ,percakapan ni ibarat di jentik manja hati si pendengar. So it is better for me to remain silent watching some of my friends ruining they live takut2 orang tu taknak kawan kita lagi . Sacrifice konon :P But at this very age Im sure some of them will have a time to hear me if not listen to me. Again sapa2 terbaca ni kalau terasa,mintak maaf ye. Mulut ni bukan untuk cium je, diguna untuk mencaci dan makan :))


Luqman said...

you could and will be more than welcome to say what u feel is right with me. i can see u choose not to usually. i prefer if you do say what u feel. house always have critics around him. u can be Dr Cuddy ;)