The Day The Earth Stood Still

...was the day when I stared blankly at my result paper. Time stopped and I mustered all my feelings ,blend it, roll it into a dough, lenyek2, tepuk2, cubit2..and I laughed. I thank the person who was with me the day I stared blankly to my result paper. I knew Im bringing the right person. Let just shoved the memory and talk bout the movie instead. Just like another sci-fi movie, Im not into aliens at all. Even the best cgi got to offer (i.e:Indiana Jones) because when I found out it's about the kepala lonjong green alien, I would be turn off. For me the second intelligent form of life (after human...yeah right) is VIRUS. Unlike us, they do not need fancy clothes,food,shelter and suitable place for survival .They just need host and start replicating and invading! Not even a brain, just a very sophisticated synchronized act of survival. So back to the movie, there is nothing interesting bout the plot but the message are clear to human being. It made us realized how important the Earth for us. Earth could live without us,infact She has done it eon /milion of years ago. Our destructive nature made us ungrateful and think we are the most superior form of living. Keanu Reeves ("Klatuu") in this movie is able to heal injured people and when asked if he can ressurect a person,that is something he cant do. At least in this movie, it shows that how intelligent the aliens could be, there is divine power which is God that control all sorts of living and unliving thing in this universe. Bagus kan director? Well if you would like to see how the message is being delivered, go watch it. Kalau youre looking for more fun stuff, take me to watch Underworld,next year (bunyi mcm jauh padahal bulan depan).
Well,this is the First day being able to online and blog at the same time, at the most cozy place in my mind, my room :) duit rabak takpe janji puas. LovelyLolitas always come up with lovely sinfully chantek maxi dresses,i loike*drifting to the shoppingland