Xmas in KL is just overated but I love the psychedelic colour of the seasons and the sweetness scent of the potpurri, candy,cookies and parfume. Its all so fairy tale and fantasy. Today I went to Midvalley to see for myself whats the buzz bout the Xmas deco there and its totally mind blowing. Compared to Pavilion and KLCC, Midvalley takes all the people who been there into a totally new world. Outside of Malaysia, outside from the hustle bustle of the city where even a 50 year old uncle could feel like a child again. Xmas with a circus twist in it. Tak rasa kecik hati sebab back in Aidilfitri, Midvalley come up with a beautiful kampung scenery where P Ramlee's songs were played. Now its Xmas time, a seasonal greeting, where the crazy massive sale fall upon me!!!! No more virtual shopping ,this is real time to kebaskan kaki going from one store to another :) But being cheap I am, I will be waiting for next year sales because I know the tshirt I wanted the most (it has joker face on it) will go from rm89 to rm39 just like other tshirt heh heh. Later when the inflation taking over, we will make profit of the misery from the other country, its all bout economics. But for now, splurge and make used of the sale! Time ni la nak beli hantaran, or birthday present untuk orang yg mayb birthday nya on February '09 ehem :)


Imran said...

atau yg birthday nyer january..ehem2 =P

Aqilah Qiqi said...

tapi my birthday is the nearest?
29 december :P