Membabi buta


Ikut cakap orang dulu,

Susun-susun satu-satu,

Kalau bicara fikir dahulu

So this is the respond to our topic. Is our bad childhood experience affecting us?

As a kids I always being picked up. Maybe because I don't know how to mingle with others because I don't have any siblings or simply because I can't say No. I remember got beaten up by group of girls without fighting back.Masa ni tadika kot:P Coward kan?

So as I growing up,I learned that you cannot trust anyone. There's some sort of evil lurking behind those eyes and smile. And that's the reason why I only hang out with those I'm really comfortable with ,The Vetoes who really know who I am deep down in my heart core. When you were growing up in a place where kids stole your money, mocking you because of ur hip parents(dulu my mom tak pakai tudung which is pelikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sangat pada deme) ,lied to you just to get things, being unkind to your parents, you started to realize that life isn't bout bed of roses. U need to wake up and smell the sampah. That makes me who I am now. I'm not a friendly person personally.It takes time for me to be nice to people. Most of the time I'm being cocky and I have that reputation,to hell with that! And I am thankful to being raise ,experiencing all sorts of betrayal,anger,hypocrisy and other evil deeds. It makes me a strong women,independent and a survivor :)

Thus,no matter how bad your life was as a kid,let go of the past and learned from it. The bittersweet memories mature us. Turn the table and absorbs all the positives sides of it. I hope I'm making sense. Ameeeennn!
Laksana antah melukut, lapar sangat baru berguna.