Fallen dream

I received sms from an old friend of mine saying she's having a practical in SPCA. It took me a while to download the message into my serebrum although my heart skipped a beat! It was SPCA we're talking bout. The place I wish I could devote my energy and idea too. I kept on reading the message, she continued, next month she'll be having another practical at Zoo Negara. This time I felt as I was floating n crush landed to my parkir floor. My bestfriend who I beat in exams most of the time GOT THE COURSE I WISH THE MOST...Being a vet. The last time I remember she was in UPM taking biotech. How in the hell she got passed vet! Lucky you N! I remember I always bullied her back in school because she's so vulnerable. But when kids bullied her because she's different *dia keturunan mamak*I was the one to protect her and went ballistic to all the kids. She's my bff after all. We shared food, we fought, we make up,we walked home semata2 nak main hujan,we changed letters from neighbours mailbox..we lied to our parents. But when I moved to CBN,things changed because she choose to be school at Setiawangsa. Yet we still keep in touch during raya. I beat her ass in PMR n she moved to MARA boarding school ,still I beat her in SPM. Feelssss good to be king. 1 thing I admire bout her is she's hardworking and takes thing calmly physically. takda nanges2. A year in UM she's still doing her so called UPM matriculation and the next thing I know,she's going to b a dr! I'm proud of her yet deep down inside I wish I could have the spot. Now pun dia kata tak boleh biasa dgn cats and dogs. Hello, I love kats&doks :P Sometimes I felt this is not fair but again I like what Im doing ow *Genetics&Molecular Biology* although Malaysia do not hold great future for us Geneticist,but I will strive my best to get good result, and get a scholar *which is sgt susah*but hey angan2 keep us moving as long we work for it :)

Great talkers are little doers-I hope Im not one of them


Tim said...

That's okay, just do the best you can in whatever you're doing! :D macho ape geneticist, I can't even pronounce that word hehe. Go you!