Batman brought his own Laden

There's a trend in social network. I experienced it myself. Updates your profile with cute or provocative pictures of yours. Not just that, couple it with erotically charged or sex innuendo updates on what's on your mind. Enough to keep all of my friends whom always known with their curiosity to leave a comments. I never put anything real or raw emotions on Facebook. period.

So here's another page I can ramble as much as I want or be as silent as the grave. Have you ever miss someone who is right in front of you? Thinking what's going to happen when you won't be seeing them again? Worried and wanting to know what they have been up to? Praying that God will always protect them till you see them again the next time? I did and it never occur to me before. I miss my dad. I don't have a strong with him coz although we live under same roof it's like we are in different continent. I realized my dad almost a decade old this year and I feel with my priority and "growing-up" stuff to do, I wish I could have spent more time with him. So kids,you don;t miss the water till the well runs dry so be thankful to what you have now and be nice to your parents.