Roadkill is disturbing and heart breaking for animal lover. I saw a burst of gastro flesh at the side of the road. I can tell it was a great lost as the roadkill involved a fjungle cat/sorta like bangle. This animal supposed to be protected but somehow I don't know how it could go out and go on the road.

For those using DUKE highway ,you'll realized a guy under the bridge who did nothing but staring blankly at the road. I hope he did not cross the road at any time because the cars there are at crazy speed. When talking bout mashed potato if he did. I observed him everyday (not like for long time,but take a look at him everytime I passed by). If the day was bright, he'll just stand there and stare at the road. Sometimes when I passed by he'll be looking at soda's container. yesterday he was asleep because it was raining. Better don't look more than 1 minutes coz might realized HE WON'T BE WEARING ANY PANTS,who knew?:P