Drama tanpa skrip

I don;t like commotion. Those who with me everyday know that I don't have much to say. So I hope people will understand that I like to be left alone doing my own thang. However here's the story I wanna share with you last week when I was at Carrefour shopping for groceries. It was after working hours when all of your perfume had faded away,your lips are dull and your face looks like you could stumble and fall asleep anytime. Living in the big city is exhausting because of the traffic and stressful to be mentioned. So after paying for all the stuff that I bought I made way to the escalator and was approached by a promoter.

Promoter(P): Kak amek la voucher ni free
Me: *smile and walk away*
P: Kak amek la tak payah bayar
Me: Sokay tak minat
P: Ala takkan barang free pun taknak
Me: *Raised voice but not everybody can hear but LOUD enough for the fucking promoter to hear* If I'm not interested what are you gonna do?
P: Ekeleh..*turned around*Pundek
Me: Turned around looking at him KAU LA PUNDEK*AND BLAH*

Lesson is, don't mess with the customer and don;t be such a pusher! If we have time we'll look at your fucking expensive stuff that is not environmental friendly. If you insisted why don't you go get a new job that whatever you say make people wanna buy it instantly,which I don't know what at the moment I'm typing this. Seriously I don't wanna caused a scene but most of the time when I'm tired and hungry I get grumpy and NO YOU DON'T WANNA SEE ME ANGRY!


sweet cheery pie said...

sangat keji promoter itu =p haish... sabar jela yek?