Rite de passage

I have seen so many movies with prom night's scene in it. When I was in junior high, prom night is something we looked forward to. We imagine going there with someone special, having a ball and fun time and at the end we'll get the kiss that we have been waiting for. My prom night was on 2005 and I had fun with my girlfriends. Yes I imagined wild stuff and having the after party but it did not happen. I felt it's a waste of money with it's lame food and music and everyone was so malu-malu at that time,after all we all typical Asian who enjoyed talking behinds people back as they hit the dance floor. Just like any other events in our life, we all have prom night to attend,circumcision for the boys, 1st period for the girls, first porn dvd we watched ,1st weed, we smoked,1st monochrome phone we had ,1st album we bought ourselves using our own money, 1st boy band concert, 1st time going on the stage singing,reciting poem,story telling,you name it. This I believe the rite of passage as we enter the next chapter of life.

I remember going for kelas mengaji everyday after 8PM ,with our baju kurung and papan rehal, we would tell ghost stories in the class, and later when we wanna go home we would hold each others hands and run coz we scared the ghost will appear out of the rambutan tree. But now kids just go to mengaju with seluar panjang and cardigan (for girls which is so questionable) carrying the holy quran as if it is some kind of histroy text book. It's like going mengaji is something that everyone do it so I have to do it too regardless of what I've learned along the way. Which is rugi lah!

There are so many interesting chapter in our lives but how much have we learned through it?