Was on hiatus

My mother is preparing a wedding gown for her final year project. it will be present on their humble class runaway this end of October. I was excited for her and saving up money so I can get an external flash by then (ikat perut kerenggaku ini). Can you imagine if I were to be her model. Wearing the wedding gown which I have been eyeballing since she bought it from DIY store the other day. But im too young for wedding dress!

Anyway it has been long time since I last posted up my food review .Tonight we are going to La Bodega (I often say La Bogeyl-Bogeyl). Mom already warned me about the rows of online stores that I could be passing by so (jeling dompet kempisku).

*OFCOZ not my dream wedding dress,sebab I nak kawen atas angkasa!*