Dream on

I'm sure a lot of us day dreaming. As I was waiting for my class the other day, my friends and I hang out at this bench and there was an empty floor nearby. My friends were busy talking bout something but I can't help to wander what if I got up and start strutting my stuff. Like I'm so good at dancing people would gather round and who knows others will join in. There was I, breaking and moonwalking, popping and doing some robot's move. I was crazily dancing INSIDE MY HEAD. I guess that's what keep us entertain as a human. We dream to be something that often we can't be. I often think why don;t my parents send me to an art class instead or some other training for me to boost up m confidence. If they do so, I'm sure I'm a lot of better person now. Time may pass by and I love seeing people with talent. It is God given and it's not fair for other people to rip them apart just by saying what is God given is against God himself (u faham tak?Pandai menanyi tapi tak boleh menyanyi atas sebab "alasan" tertentu,geddit?).

For this time on, I won't stop having fun inside my head. I don't care if it kills my brain cells some of ya'll may say,it gives me the sense of acceptance of who I am as an imperfect person.