As promised


Budget nak gempak tapi FAIL!

Venue: La Bodega, Bangsar

It was Sunday and the place already packed around 8pm. This was the first time for me and the second for my parents. We managed to get parking at the back of alley after going around in a circle. Hot women with bald guys and edgy people were already there having smoke,drinking and just enjoying the life of KL. We head up to the lounge. It was the most interesting staircase I have found so far. There was a picture of a lady,seductively wrapped with a satin cloth. She was holding a cigar and a glass of wine I assumed. As I was ascending the staircase, I noticed that she was stripping her clothes one by one, you can imagine there were about 5-6 frames of her stripping one by one until when I reached to the top/lounge, it was just her skin and her cigar with the glass of wine.What an opening!

I was greet with a bar packed with alcohol and jazz music. It wasn't filled with smoke,not yet.There were lots of monochrome pictures. The flow of the lounge was just right. Not too semak with a reading corner (although the light was dimmed). Opposite us were sets of cozy couch,so comfort you could take a nap! The place is right for small group of friends just to have fun before starting the routine of life the next day.

The menu however is not as easy to understood.It was in Spanish and the description is almost a jargon for me. There were lots of tapas instead of taco! I wanted to order the Spanish meal that consists of Spanish rice,chicken,beef and some other rare stuff but it takes about 30-40minutes to prepare. So I just had pasta instead (sebab da kebulor).Which I can 'tremember the name. I had funny taste of drink-almost spicy yet sweet,non alcohol of course. The name could be the epitome of the taste-My X Virgin (is this how sex taste like,funny yet you can't get enough).

Dessert was great as we had something really sweet, Creme Brulle that just neutalized the taste we had before. Complimentary drinks from a guy from the bar counter was also nice. All I heard was some flake in it and the taste just explosive for a coffe addict like me .

All over I gave it a 3 1/2 stars. There's just something lacking on meal and drinks. But will definitely come again if there's time :)


Luqman said...

next time i blk msia! nakk! hehe.

MoY.Axili said...

sebab u nak tengok tangga ke?;)