Friends always come to me when they are having a bad day . May be it's true what they say bout me, a good listener. I may not give the best advice or I may just smack you right in your face but to hear my self saying all this positive things to my friends when I am being skeptical sometimes,it amazed me. How I wish people will say positive things to me too since most of the time I am overwhelmed with task. It's not that I don;t open up but may be I don;t put the right emotion when I try to convey my feelings. Ah well, it's all a matter of being there as a friend that counts :)

I am supergirl and I'm here to save the world but I wanna know,whose gonna save me


Luqman said...

there are always people ready to come save you. some just might not be in such a way that you wanted it to be :P jom jomm, i still havent blanja u makann!