Smoke L while you do me

*untuk tatapan umum,sila jaga rembesan air liur*

*days of my life*

Apa nih. dah bulan puasa cakap yang bukan2. A month with full of obstacles. I shall endure it calmly.

Worth the wait people, this item is a pre order stuff from Taiwan (ya I don't shop for branded stuff). It took almost a month to reach although at first it was estimated to arrive on 24 Aug but I received it few days ago. After all the overwhelming work, finally something to be smile at when I reached home. Besides my cats :)

P/s:I miss you :)


k h a y said...

ala.. cntiknye beg u! jeles ai!

my bag yg i bt pre order tu.. 2 months already ok! xdapat lagi. and die kata.. my beg unrestockable sudah!!! huwaa~

xpe, save money semula!

sweet cheery pie said...

dear! the bag is SOOOOOO nice :)