Massive updates

Whenever there is camping trip, I will possibly go. Due to hectic schedules and no-fun-kaki to go with,the last camping trip I've been through was in 2002 in Melaka under the National Library.

Last Monday a group of 40students from various faculty that signed up for Kemahiran Berorganisasi got the chance to go for camping. It is for our Ko-k fulfillment. We departed at 830am feeling excited,anxious and curious on what will happen on the two days trip to Ulu Gombak. We arrived around ... (could not remember as I was feeling like throwing up in the bus,the road was like going to Cameron Highlands) .When I first stepped on the ground, a refreshing smell of grass,wet dew on the leaves and the sound of the river greets me. I never knew that kind of place exist before. It is totally isolated from all the hustle and bustle of the cities and it is like balik kampung after so long in the urban area.

The best thing is we were not rush into any kind of activity when we arrived there. Our lecturer (photographer for us) has been very kind for letting us guling2 atas katil and let us enjoy the serene atmosphere. The dorm was cozy with no fan (which let us guessing no more until the night fall).

Just like any other programme, we had ice breaking session and were told to perform that night. And guess who come out with the theme? ME! I called it MALAM SENI RIMBA (later changed to malam suara rimba) and my group have to perform a P.Ramlee songs.

That night went successfully filled with creativity,guffaws,applause from the audience for the loony acts and a great performance from the UM staff (unplugged+stomp). Did I not tell you bout the food? The food was awesome, we had briyani for lunch, dinner was fine too and the supper was a thick chicken soup with bread. The view at night was restricted with a huge tree bark and the cool wind that brushes your skin really gives you goosebumps. I slept well although I woke up twice just to ensure that there wasn't any airconditioner!(seriously it was like sleeping in a hotel with the aircond on 18 degree celcius! )

Day two was the most anticipated one. after muscle stretching and inhaling the most quality oxygen we head on to breakfast to the sweet aroma of NASI LEMAK. At 845am we head down for jungle trekking . We went through slippery and steep road, puddle of mud, team work and the finale was the moment at the waterfall. The water was clean yet icy cold. Walking through the rocks had my thighs a centimeter smaller I hope !

We arrived at UM around 2pm today and the experienced I had is amazing and priceless. Someday I wish to climb gunung,who knew ;)


k h a y said...

wow. gi camping mcm duduk hotel!! nice2.. =)

LovelyOrked said...

mcm besh year i nak reg 4 dat subjek ler....