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Ada "ong"

Takda "ong"

Mati hidup balik, belum tentu I get all the polymorphic band in my DNA samples! Sometimes pipetting error, sometimes it's the PCR mastermix and sometimes it's just not my day. Enough of the lab organized mess, after 2 months of walking everyday (except on weekends), I managed to get into a pair of acid wash skinny jeans! Not just skinny, it is in M size...and loose some more!! How it boost my self confidence! (I use too much of exclamation,OMG!) .Now it's time to look for skinny belt (have you seen the one in brown color with studs?How I love em studs ;)


sweet cheery pie said...

really u dah makin kurus? best nye! i pun dapat rasa yg i semakin kurus :p hahahhah! n yeah, i need to find another skinny jeans :p huhuuhuh!