Real quick

Currently working on AlphaImager 2200, a software that allow me to know my band size following my pcr product on the gel electrophoresis. So far I have only 2-4 good pictures of the DNA bands. That was only after dilution of my 30 samples. My current worry after browsing through gel electrophoresis troubleshooting would be degradation of DNA samples. With only few weeks left and data analysis to be done, I really hope I can finish on time.

This is the result of my optimization of primer from Australia. In order to test it to my local samples of C.striata, I have to optimize the primer according to different temperature to see which temperature it works the best. From the result my most intense bands showed that it works best at T 55. The middle lane is my DNA ladder of 20bp. It is an indicator what my DNA band molecular weight are. After optimization I used all 8 of my primers on the local samples. Due to DNA degradation ,DNA slippage or even null allele, my results are not accurate .This is an example of Kedah population.