3Dimensional yet untouchable

I mean this
NOT this!

I know the future of hologram will soon be true. It is distinct but yet unclear. I don't want to say it's unpredictable but with technology and funding it can be applied someday. Yesterday we went out to watch ALIENS VS MONSTER in 3D . Although I was skeptical at first about the movie despite paying rm17, it turned out to be a fun experience. We were given a special anti-theft (means you cant bring it home,sigh) glasses that made me look like lady gaga! However since adult have a bigger degree of sight compare to kids, I don't get the same effect of the 3D just like when I was little yet the impact was still there. There a few candid moment that I think were meant for 3D viewing ,you could fill it as if it is penetrating your eyes. Not suggesting for those who have a neuron problem though. The story line was interesting, if you don't make it complicated as an adult. The most vital part is the awesomeness of colors, every minute detail of grass and rocks,wind that went through the monster's hair, the shinny scales, the moving antenna, every single hair flip as the wind gushed in,the psychedelic outer space.Maybe some of the joke were purposely meant for the non-kids viewer especially the character of BOB played by Seth Rogen! Let's sum it up, its a whole new movie experience with 3D that I don't get with my HD TV :D