One Two Die !

Susahnya paper Immunology yesterday. Bersedialah untuk tertungging. Since my roomates have done with this semester I decided to pack my bags and headed home because I know that room will turned up into chaotic mess with guffaws and annoying giggle. I still have one more paper to go and although we're planning to attend the PIPIT event today but it seems studies are more important after a series of basic math and algebra minus chemical reaction on a draft paper,I will (again) screw up this semester. Bersedialah untuk meringkuk dalam my own pessimistic world.

Friends we're talking bout my eye bags and how not-gaunt I look lately. I can't sleep well, when there noise up till the wee hour in the morning. When I finally off to dreamland, I always had the same repetitive dream bout sea, flying and fighting. It's like I carry almost all of my energy into my dreams and when I finally woke up I feel even tired. Yesterday I had this funny dream of being befriended with Fazura! (Fazura is one of my favourite Malay actor). So we went to this kedai mamak to order some food and guess what I ordered (the best part is I remember until now)...MAMAK,NASI GORENG TAKNAK GORENG 1! Maybe this is due to the fact that I always mix and match my food on the menu but this up here memang totally absurd! Takkan mamak nak rebus nasi kot LOL. Being a freak I am, I even google-ed the meaning of my dreams! (Couple of times though) .

To dream that you are cutting you're hair,
suggest that you are experiencing a loss in strength. You are feelin that someone is trying to censor you. Alternatively you may be reshaping your thinking or ambitions an eliminating unwanted thoughts/habit

Bila pulak I will get wet dreams? Hahaha! Eh apa ni my itallic tak berubah. *Sigh*


k h a i r i y a h said...

haha. funny la. kuar dgn fazura plak tu dlm mimpi! d best part is the nasi grg xnk grg. adoi la liana.... hahhaha...

good luck next paper ok!