I tell you how I do it son

*my favourite of 'em all, just put a slight pressure of your palm and it will rotate,as if you have a superpower to move things :) *

These are some of the inexplicable experienced I got during my two weeks as lab assistant. Most of the time I don't have my fancy camera so my phone camera being the eye witness :) From shopaholic to workaholic, it's a transition for me and I'm impressed by my agility to have fun and gain knowledge at the same time. It's a place where I feel accepted. I don;t have to worry about what other's up to on facebook and envying their great times knowing I had found mine.


k h a i r i y a h said...

suke flip flop plant itu! Dr hari tu tengok kt kedai. And I like to buy one! hoho.

Best of luck in ur practical!! =D

sweet cheery pie said...

have fun! :)