I submit to yo demand


Have you ever listen to a song and wish a special someone would have sing it to you? he/she could the person you admire from a far, your crush or even your significant other? No wonder girls always looking for musician or an artist with the hope that they'll put them to sleep with love songs,lullaby and tender kisses. But do they really exists?

Last night i
I saw you standing
I started
Started pretending
I knew you
You knew me too
And just like a roni you were too shy
But you weren't the only one, so was i
And i dreamed of you ever since
Now i build up my confidence
Ooh, next
Next time you come my way
I'll know just what to say

Can we talk for a minute
Girl i want to know your name
Can we talk for a minute
Girl i want to know your name

I started to write you letters
But i wanted to be more clever
I wanted to get down and sweet talk you
Hey, baby
But just like a baby i could not talk
And i tried to come closer but could not walk
And i think of it every night
How i just could not get it right
Oh, if we ever come close again
I know what i'll say then


Oh, girl
One more chance
With you again
I will not let it go
Oh, ooh please
Give me just one more chance
For love, love, love, love

**For you, I wish you would have swept me off my feet, but Im with someone else now , I watched you drifted away from my life, Goodbye