Fullhouse@NZX *1st food review*


Today is my best friend's birthday and she was so kind to treat us at this new place in PJ. I'm not a Pj-ian so I didn't notice the route taken by her. The taste was authentic with a cozy ambience. A perfect place for date because of it's romantic set up, a cool place to hang out because the store offer affordable food and fancy stuff from Korea, a little like the ROOM for those who familiar with that kind of idea. All and all I rated it 9/10 because it was burning hot outside and yet place feel warm (air cond went wrong I guess).

The taste like I mentioned before was authentic, I ordered a roasted chicken tenderloins which consists of daily vege, mash potato that and just the right taste of tomato sauce(and of course chicken terderloins). A little bit of sweet and sour just enough ,it does not make your eyes squint but the combination of all explodes inside your mouth. The shop also offer fashion and trends from Korea but I did'nt get any of the price tags but most of the items can be found at Sg Wang.

The beverages was another story. I had blueberry soda pop with peppermint, a compilation that really quench your thirst. I am not sure what they put inside my drinks but there's this jelly like stuff that when it pop on your mouth it gives out a goo-ey, sticky, funny and very sweet taste of blueberry I guess.

I'm looking forward for my next food review :)


Luqman said...

nice review. good explaination where people can imagine and understand the taste of it :D haha. which should come with a warning not to read before going for bed coz u will feel hungry. bestt!!