Checkin into REHAB

Unlike some addicts, I admit my obsession and addiction over blogshoppings. To know if you're having a problem is to admit one. I've been introduced by e-shopping back in early 2008 by a friend who live in an isolated island-Cyberjaya and ever since I am not tired of clicking and browsing from time to time. They were even a time I bought an item everyday for a week. That is when I realized I got OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). They call it impulse buy and there are even clothes I bought for trying purpose only. But for heavenly sake I have never bring the Elle magazines posses and uploaded it FB or MyS, pathetic!

I overcome my "impulse-buy" syndrome by telling myself how lucky I am to be wearing all this clothes and flaunt it while they were some others who only wear torn pagoda or selipar jepun. I over analyzed myself to the point I feel like sending my clothes (in good condition) to orphanage but I still have yet to find the right way for it. Unlike recycling bin where you can find it at the most common places.

The chances of spending time in front of the blogshops will soon decline after my lecturer unofficially announced me as her industrial training students. I did not apply for l.i this semester because of my CGPA but god's willing I will be working with a team of masters students who's sitting on a goldmine!(Fortunately,they come across new things when they actually looking for other things). So I have been signed to one of the senior master's student there that working on micro satellite for ikan haruan. Excited and nervous since I have to do my own PCR and fragment analyzer protocol but then again I'm here to learn as mush as possible within this two months and hopefully I;m ready for my next semester final year project.

Population genetics have not been my cup of tea since I'm interested in immunological research but thank you again to my lecturer for giving me this opportunity. This is what we called destiny. Earlier this semester I got F for one of my core subjects restricting me to sign up for l.i and yet I still have the chance to mingle with this creme of the crops from Genetics Department.

**Lab is near to Jaya One where they will be organizing offline shops every weekend ^^v **