The "Almost Perfect" Girlfriend


It's been a week after my emancipation of life (which sounds larger than life when it is nothing,really) . Thank you very much for those who care enough to put a little effort of time and creativity for my gifts. Although I'm not the most favourite person in most of my known acquaintance but my small group of friends are good enough for me. These past years has shown me the meaning of true friendship and sincererity. My close ones will know that I'm the type who is not keen of showing her emotions.I rarely show my love on a piece of paper nor in a form of gifts but that does not mean I never care. Infact I classified myself as "tamak kasih sayang". I love my friends and there was a point that I don;t want others to take them away from me.I wanna be their sole BFF ! Yes I could be dominant in my own little world but time goes by, friends are far apart ,berbeza continent and at the end I know there will always a small ,confined and private place for me in their hearts.

When some of the girls asking for diamond ring, expensive handbag and exclusive dine out, I only ask for quality time with my loved ones (lebih dari satu dan berlainan jantina). I love long conversation and adegan suap menyuap. Not forgetting deeper conversation and the in side scoop of what's happening on our daily lives. Sounds cheesy? But thats just me. I'm a boring person who tackles life in a different way. Comparatively, I don;t mind spending my birthday eating dessert and basking in a self absorbed stories of my life and my other half (again, berbeza jantina dan lebih dari satu). Dan disebabkan sifat mudah puas hati, I will never turn down BY presents eventhough you buy me a tissue paper as my birthday gifts. Of course my favourite of all is a VINTAGE CALENDAR that he gave me. It reminds me of 365 days of loves. It also reminds me of the day passes by living in this world that God lend to us.How many good and evil deeds that I make. Everything in my life, I take the significant sides of it. Even a simple thing like watching a movie. What's the reason paying rm10 for it.Of course for getting the morale values at the end of the movie (and not just watching in awe the CGI and segala kekelentongan yang ada, that;s the idea of watching a movie, to escape from the real world so HUSH dont tell me it;s not logc). Oh I drifted way apart. The point is, simplicity makes me almost perfect sebab I become a more greatful person with whom I mingle with.

I just wanna thank all that stood by my side and walk the journey with me. I HEART YOU :*