14th February

My family and I were on our way for dinner when I was "greet" by 4 lovely ginger colored kittens. They were all so tiny that you could squish them and make them as a kitchen to accessories handbag. One of the pale colored caught my eye. Earlier that day I saw them playing around the compound without bothering to whom they belong to. After a few tickle and cat language only Sheila & I know how it sounds like) we made way to car. Lalu berdundun mereka mengejar. My mother and I could not let it pass because it might be ramped by reckless cars and motor. So we placed em a little bit far from where we had them and to our surprised they ran to us with their little foot . SEDIHNYA! Luckily one of the resident bumped into us and told us it is actually not from our unit. So we took all four of them and brought it to the next unit. When we got there their mother rushing to get her kittens .The kittens just suckle ,right there in time. Haih sedih sungguh but we were happy to help them to "reunite" with their mother back.
I make my own definition of this so called Lover's Day. A day of full of compassion and loving not just towards human being but also animals. So instead of roses or chocolates, furry living thing made my day the most :)


Luqman said...

cats chase me ALL the time. how? maybe bile i da ade gf nnt baru dorg tak kejar i. haha.

wAnzAhidi said...


nak satu liana!i want one.