The beauty and extinction


Yesterday trip to Zoology museum opened up my mind to the whole world out of urbanisation. The museum is next to ISM consist of skeleton and bones, fossils,2m king cobra dalam botol,stuff collected from 70's,corals,insecta etc .Our department among the first to visit since it is not open to public yet.
Ive been neglecting this living things in the forest by continuing to savour the development and worshipping sky lines of KL.Rather than street shooting I should go into the wood and start shooting the indigenous people and animals (ada berani ke?) Its not that Im not aware of this beautiful creatures of God's masterpiece but my ignorance towards them throw myself to the valley of shame and insult. Where have I been this 20years and what have I contribute to this beautiful creatures of God. I have not accomplish anything but building up more sampah sarap and releasing carbon monoxide. Due to our lackadaisical the Biologist come into play by the protocol of skinning and preserving the animals so that the next generation could actually see what it looks like. The room for storing the skeletal and bones rather suffocating than cozy yet it brings us to embrace the importance of taking care of other than human. We are nothing but destructive creatures not even to our self but to others. Yet we wanna claim ourselves at the top of the food chain? I am grateful to be honoured with brain and soul to be able to live the life but there are some selfishness lurking inside me that I should let go. Life is about working together with these animals. Although the environment gives us services but sustainable usage need to be considered. The reason behind conservation will never been known until musibah i.e the cure for cancers and AIDS could be somewhere inside these plants and animal but abandoning them is like burning the library without you having the chance to read any of the books in it. So please support conservation for us and for the future.

There are just some kind of men who-who're busy worrying bout the next world they've never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results- To Kill The Mocking Bird


fatin FIONA said...

bestnyer..teringat zaman im in veterinary faculty
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gotta see you in july i think.