Be patient

Today went by the Pilihanraya Kampus. I cast my vote around 4pm ,30 minutes before the voting centre close. At first I was reluctant to cast any vote because of the hypocrisy and cheap talk that Ive observed throught out the kempen. From politicians to student body nothing to be ecstatic bout other than false hope.Sampai menteri cakap pilihanraya UM mengalahkan di KT (in other word memalukan). However this time the students take it to the extreme when they slaughtered a pig,placed it to on top of PAS flag and put it inside a mosque. That moment I realized that casting a vote will only make me feel foolish for supporting one of the hideous laknatullah act. Besides the voters were bask with all sorts of kenegeriaan pamplets,comparison of the student representatives with the parti of Malaysia like PAS DAP BN KeAdilan to brainwash the juniors.If this is kinda act we received from the student body/their supporters imagine when they go out and venture into real dirty politics of Malaysia. But kudos to those who have a sincere heart of having a vision to put our university to be one of the best with their manifesto. Although we all know janji tinggal janji because UM not an APEC university so peruntukan untuk infrastrucktur will be less than USM. Reading their manisfesto,none of them really interest me because it all consists of trivial things like adding photocopies machines,jambatan connecting this and that when we all know even if it is proceed, will let more than 12 months to finish. What I would love to see will be approach on academic such as compulsory English class for the students,healthy food at the cafe instead of everything is fried and oily,more subjects to be offered to the students such as Blog Analysis,Visual arts or even Creative arts (of course it must not come with examination heh heh). So all this talk got ya'll questioning, y don't I applied to be one of the student body? Because I'm not good at confronting people,not good at hujah and most of all I dont have a leadership quality. These are my weaknesses and I have no plan to do anything bout it. Im analytical and I can contribute ideas thats bout it. So be patient, as God is still working on me. We'll just wait for the result of the pilihanraya and the progress that they'll make. UM will be a sojourn for most of us but the contribution of the communities inside it will be benefit for the next generation(eh I mcm contradicting myself). Lu pikirla sendiri!