#1st entree

And so here I am trying to reach to the world. Thanks to my friends who succeed in convincing me to create a blurg :P It took me a while to finally have time to sit down and let my mind flow. This is not another killing time activity, its my effort to reach for you outhere through my observation and opinions so bare with me. I never like to keep a diary ,lebih2 lagi online diary but I think I am mature enough to share my thoughts to the world and at least I could get a nod from those who reading this.

Being a science students, we are always emphasized on being particular and carefull during the experiment. Somehow,most of us cant seems to shake the attitude of LACKADAISICAL! I realized I'm having this problem during my Cytology lab the other day. I just wana finished quick and dont bother bout the results under the microscope. When I got to my room,I started to worry how am I gonna do my report knowing I only drafts shit on the piece of paper. I'm sure this not only happen to students but adults too. Sikap ala-tak-ape. Now look what happened to the environment, the MRR2,the government's buildings,the new build terrace houses yang baru 1 tahun dah start leaking or retak and even the pavement. So what I'm trying to say is, lets SWITCH this attitude (paling tidak pun slowly being less ignorant) towards what we work for. Lets finish (y)our job with quality not quantity that matters. The results will be satisfying and we dont have to waste our time doing it again :)

Every one can find fault, few can do better


a5th said...

haha! welcome welcome. not a diary. just to share thoughts right? fair enough. haha.

Imran said...

ala xpe =)

Lianapedia said...

dah masuk maghrib..ala takpe pukul 8 sempat lagi